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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!

Really, I mean is this guy for real? It’s like watching the Wizard of Oz.  I AM THE ALL POWERFUL WIZARD OF O. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! When did we become the Rodney King of the world? Everyone is taking a kick at us. Putin, Obama, Hu etc. We all […]

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Obama Knew About AIG Bonuses & Got One Of His Own

Obama knew all about the bonuses before they threw any cash at AIG. In fact, Obama himself got $100,000 from AIG. They are totally using this in order to slam banks, bankers, capitalism and the whole free market system. They are using populist outrage to shut down business. The public sees it now. They ARE […]

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The Obama Administration Is Incompetent

Leftists don’t know a damn thing about creating wealth. All they know about is “redistributing wealth” – which is of course THEFT. How smart do you have to be in order to STEAL? All you to do is carry a gun, point it at someone and say – “Give Me Your Money, Now!!” They seem […]

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Obama To Wounded Troops: You’re On Your Own

Obama tells the American Legion that he is going to charge wounded troops for treatment. You send these brave souls into battle, then screw them when they get their arms and legs blown off by terrorists?! This is supposed to be our fricking COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF? Plus he is cutting back on military funding, closing Gitmo and […]

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Killing Vouchers – Capitalism A Mental Disorder – Government As Matrix – Tantrum Over – Agenda Uber Alles

On Today’s Shows: Obamas Spending Bill Kills Vouchers Harvard Accuses People Who Believe In Free Markets Have a Mental Disorder Obama: Agenda Über Alles The Presidential Tantrum Is Over Obama: Narcissist and Abuser Obama Poll Numbers Falling Justice Dept. Investigates Sheriff Joe for Enforcing Immigration Law; 16,000+ Illegals detained… Rich Folks Fee To Switzerland To […]

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Merit Pay for Teachers Is Like Patching A Flat Tire

After I heard about this I thought to myself – What? That’s very unsocialist of you, Mr. Obama. Then of course I realized that this is simply patching a flat tire – its throwing a bone to the consevatives, but at the same time its meaningless: sure you can give teachers merit pay – whcih […]

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