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New Books In The Library

Heads up folks: got some new books in the library for ya: Glen Beck’s Broke: While I’m not liking the style of his new show (I guess while I’d like my show to be the conversation, Glen would prefer to be more of a lecturer.), this tome which tips the scales at over 400 pages […]

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866 – Oh That Bush – Soros Not The Only Puppet Master

On Today’s Show: Thinking about George W. Do I want him back? No. Is he better than Obama? Marginally. In fact, I’d say that I can’t really suggest any better Presidents in the last 150 years. Glenn Beck does a whole set of shows around George Soros. First of all, what’s with the school room […]

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852 – We Are The Scrappy Rebel Alliance, They Are The Empire

On Today’s Show: It’s the Empire Strikes Back Edition Theres no recession on Corusant – in Washington that is. The empire is striking back, says Obama, referring to us. No, I think HE is the emperoro, actually. Poll: many Obama supporters detecting to GOP Rule by executive order? Maybe he will become emperor after all […]

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