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#74 Obama Loves Amnesty For Criminal Aliens – $30000 Ring: Fact Or Crap – No Hospital Records In Hawaii

[youtube=] In picking pro-amnesty Janet Napolitano for the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security, Obama shows his hand on what he believes in when it comes to immigration – rewarding criminal aliens for being in this country illegally, thumbing his nose in the face of all of those of us who came to this […]

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civility in political discourse is gone

It’s amazing. I still get fanatic Obama lovers posting comments on YouTube saying that that wish that someone would kill me. “Someone should throw Molotov Cocktails at you while you are driving” was the last one. Just great isn’t it – in the New Obamaland in which we live, death threats against dissenting opinion are […]

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freaking scary…

Bit by bit, all the pieces are coming together. The plan was to take over not by revolution, but through the system itself. Institutionalize enough voter fraud to ensure electoral success, establish economic and other crises in order to stage a sort of systemic coup (think Emanuel, Frank and Obama ever discussed how much damage […]

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Obama and Hawaii : IITI (Ep. 11: His Father’s Son)

[youtube=] Molotov Mitchell interviews Andy Martin about his case to obtain Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii. During the interview, Martin explained some of the bizarre details he’s come across in his investigation, things that have led him to believe that President-Elect Barack Obama’s father may not be Barack Obama, Sr. Because of his recent election, […]

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Obama raised over $650M to buy the White House. And now, even though it has been proven that a lot of that money was illegally contributed, upwards of half possibly, he will not be audited. Why? Because an audit would indicate that he was being funded by non-Americans. The Arabs, the Chinese, the Russians, and […]

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A Generation Of Baracks

Babies are starting to be named after Barack – for Gods sake he hasn’t done anything yet do you really want to name your child after someone who could turn out being the President who destroyed America? At least wait until he DOES something. This is the kind of devotion you’d expect in Muslim lands […]

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It Has Begun…

Obama starts a new set of “Corps” in order to force service on the people Obama looks at a series of executive orders, not requiring congressional support. Dictator. Obama lovers call talk radio stations around the country, calling hosts racists and calling for squelching of free speech Against Obama blogs and websites are shutdown. Free […]

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It’s not over yet…

…I’m back in the USSA, and it already feels very different. The scent of the air has changed. People are calling conservative radio host and telling them that they should be off the air. Obama is thinking about using executive orders to just start doing things by fiat, instead of letting the representatives of the […]

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