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It’s All About the Look, the Brand…

More validation on my “Obama is America’s Brand” argument. There is no defense of this guy other than it would look good for him to be elected. This is what every liberal thinks.  Who cares about policy and platform. question those and you are a racist.  Rebranding the U.S. With Obama

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Essential Viewing

[youtube=] As I write this, this video has has 1.3 Million views. At first I dismissed this kind of speculation as conspiracy theory. However, this video is extremely compelling. There is no reason why Hussein should be blocking this. Any American SHOULD be able to provide proof in seconds. Why can’t he? The video states […]

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A Liberal Supermajority

Though we doubt most Americans realize it, this would be one of the most profound political and ideological shifts in U.S. history. Liberals would dominate the entire government in a way they haven’t since 1965, or 1933. In other words, the election would mark the restoration of the activist government that fell out of public […]

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Hussein Camp Panic?

Since I’ve subscribed to all campaign emails, I get the Obama ones too. I just got this from “Sat It Ain’t So” Joe “Paying More Tax Is Patriotic” Biden. Can you sense some panic if you read between the lines? ——– Chris — Anyone who tells you this election is already decided is dead wrong. […]

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Video Show#46 Credit Card Fraud, No Friend Of Israel, New Deal 2.0

[youtube=] Obama Lovers next weapon in the war on free speech and free markets: your credit card. They steal credit card information in order to pledge money to their Savior. Jesse Jackson lets the cat out of the bag on Obamas TRUE position on Israel. The Obama/Pelosi/Reid Axis Of Evil is prepping New Deal 2.0, […]

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Obama Lies About Support For Israel…

Those who support Israel shoudl fear an Obama presidency. Jesse Jackson outs Obamas real position on Israel. “The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where “decades of putting Israel’s interests first” would end. “

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Educators & Text Book Authors also in the tank for Obama…

Not just the media. But we’ve said for a while now, educators are also in the tank for Obama… My 8th grade son is in an advanced English class at a public middle school here in Racine, Wisconsin. I just found out that my son’s new (copyright 2008) Wisconsin – McDougal Littell Literature book has […]

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A Must Read…

Ex Navy Intel officer digs into Obama, and this is what he sees: Obama as the puppet of a new socialist force taking over America. This man is in the final stages of congestive heart failure, so these may be his final words. A Message For America

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Is The Market Turmoil Due To A Possibly Obama Win?

This just in – I didn’t have time to talk about it on today’s show, but I saw an article somewhere which states that it is possible that the reason the market is in such turmoil is that Obama may win, and thats what the markets are reacting to. An B. Hussein Obama win would […]

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