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Future Agonistes

It is times like these, when everything is being torn down around you, and you are being torn apart (see some of the horrific stuff on my YouTube comments), that you have a sense that something might happen to just push you over the edge. And maybe change your whole world view. You have been […]

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Video Show #12: Sarah Palin A Game Changer, Kicks Ass, Takes Names

[youtube=] All of you out there who say McCain picked Palin because she is a young, devout, gun-toting woman are sadly mistaken. That’s the sizzle, but the steak is the fact that that Sarah Palin actually kicked ass and took names in her short term as the Governor of Alaska. Plus:people say she is a […]

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Truth Or Fiction?

[youtube=] According to almost ALL accounts, Obama does know Ayers and DID work with him on a number of projects. Then why does the Obama campaign want to SUE stations to stop them from airing this ad. All its tells me is that they know each other, and we can draw our own conclusions. Whats […]

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Video Show #8: To Kill It, Legalize It

show 8 Obama does say one good thing, he wants to “decriminalize” marijuana, of course he doesn’t go far enough. I tell you, the best way to win the War On Drugs is to simply legalize it and tax the crap out of it. The surest way to kill the power in something is to […]

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Video Show #7: Wasted Opportunity

[youtube=] I’m reading The Obama Nation, considering Obamas background, its very sad that he couldn’t really use his background properly and present himself as a true post-racial, post-religious candidate.

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Video Show #5: New BHO Contest Details

Details on my new Barack Hussein Obama contest. Hear me say Barack, Hussein or Obama anytime on my show between August 22nd, 2008 and August 31st, 2008 and be the first one to send me the show number and minute mark that I said it and you get a choice of one of these three […]

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