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If Milo is the New Face of the American Right

A few days ago I brought home from our local library, nestled in Pennsylvania Dutch country, Milo Yiannopoulos’s self-published livre de scandale. Dangerous is supposedly dynamite, because even Milo’s putative adversary Bill Maher praises the author as “a young, gay alive Christopher Hitchens.” Milo promises that anyone who makes it through his book can learn how “to fight back against campus commies, their enabling professors, the mainstream media, and establishment Republican bores.” All one needs to acquire this ability is Milo’s text, providing the reader can get though his frenetic prose centered on his activities as a self-promoting gadfly. Time to buy … Continue reading

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Recycle Your Body’s Old, Damaged Tissue

Cayenne peppers have long been held in high regard for their powerful health-boosting properties. Popular cleanses, like the Master Cleanse, use cayenne because of naturally occurring compounds, like capsaicin, which help cleanse and detox the body at a cellular level. These cleansing effects can have a significant impact on your entire body, promoting a healthy heart, weight, and gut. Sustaining overall health is where the actual cleansing benefits of cayenne lie, helping you live healthy, longer! Here are the top benefits of cayenne. Cayenne Pepper Cleanses the Body Cayenne is well-known for its pain-relieving, weight loss, and metabolism-boosting properties, but it’s also … Continue reading

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After Its Caliphate Fails

While the Syrian Arab Army, the Russian aviation and Hezbollah are preparing to finish off Daesh, the Pentagon is planning a new war against Syria, this time with Kurdish troops. Just as the mission of the Caliphate was to create a Sunnistan straddling Iraq and Syria, so the mission of « Rojava » is to create a Kurdistan straddling the two states, as the Pentagon has been publicly stating for the last four years. This map was published by Robin Wright nine months before the offensive by Daesh into Iraq and Syria. According to this Pentagon researcher, it rectifies the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Go Home Again, but . . .

A melancholy saying reminds us that you can’t go home again. I know I can’t. My parents have been dead for decades, and my brother Bill, my only sibling, died three years ago. Moreover, the house in which we lived when I was growing up in the late 1950s and early 1960s has been…
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More Terrible Republican Health Care Ideas

Republican health care reform is, once again, a disappointing mess. After seven years of howling for repeal, Senate conservatives have sidestepped any fundamental reform and are instead just shuffling regulations around.
Reason’s Peter Suderma…

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