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When Stalin Almost Conquered Europe

For many years I maintained far too many magazine subscriptions, more periodicals than I could possibly read or even skim, so most weeks they went straight into storage, with scarcely more than a glance at the cover. But every now and then, I might casually browse one of them, curious about what I had usually been missing. Thus, in the summer of 2010, I happened to leaf through an issue of Chronicles, the small-circulation flagship organ of the marginalized paleoconservative movement, and soon began reading a blandly-titled book review. But the piece so astonished me that it immediately justified all the many … Continue reading

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The Russia Hoax Continues and Both Dems and Repugs Push It

Although the farcical Mueller Commission is now ended and even the results it came up with, practically speaking, effectively exonerated the president, to listen to various members of the media, including many Fox pundits, most Democrats and many Republicans, it was if there was no “investigation” at all. The same “Russia Hoax” narrative continues: just listen to Representative Adam Schiff spiel on for a while. For such national personalities nothing has really changed. This template, despite what we now know and always have known, continues frenetically and unabated before our eyes. It’s why Roger Stone faces prison time, essentially because … Continue reading

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Oil Isn’t Alternative Energy’s Enemy

Editor’s note: This week, we’re talking to Casey Research founder Doug Casey about his interest in science, technology, politics, and history. Yesterday, Doug told us about the impossibility of an oil shortage – despite panic in the mainstream media. And in today’s Conversations With Casey, Doug offers his thoughts on the alternative energy sector… Read on below for Doug’s take on the political hacks who are destroying green energy with “incessant propaganda”… Daily Dispatch: So Doug, you’ve spoken to us about the theory and background for oil exploration and production. The practical question is whether oil is cheap or expensive right now … Continue reading

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China’s Coronavirus: An Examination of the Facts

The Western mass media have discussed the new corona virus that began in the city of Wuhan in Central China but, apart from repetitive small details and the inevitable China-bashing, not much light has been shed on the circumstances. My initial commentary here is composed from a medley of nearly 100 Western news reports, primarily ABC, CBS, CNN, AFP, and from some Chinese media. Officially called the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the contagion is a respiratory illness, a new type of viral pneumonia, in the same family of infections as SARS and MERS.   At the time of writing, Chinese health authorities announced … Continue reading

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The Siren Call of a ‘System Leader’

A considerable spectrum of the liberal West takes the American interpretation of what civilization consists of to be something like an immutable law of nature. But what if this interpretation is on the verge of an irreparable breakdown? Michael Vlahos has argued that the US is not a mere nation-state but a “system leader” – “a civilizational power like Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire.” And, we should add, China – which he did not mention. The system leader is “a universalistic identity framework tied to a state. This vantage is helpful because the United States clearly owns this identity framework today.” … Continue reading

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Bad Thoughts

What if the Corona virus turns out to be a genuine pandemic with legs, not some punk-ass, flash-in-the-pan bug like SARS… and infects hundreds of millions around the world…? And what if it happens to go logarithmic in the USA, as in China now…? And what if takes a few months, or half a year, to do that…? And what if Americans will not get on airplanes when that happens…? Or gather together in large numbers…? Or if government imposes quarantines …? Will the parties hold their nominating conventions? Might the November election have to be postponed? Just sayin’… since nobody … Continue reading

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Hiding Behind Psychobabble

There was a very curious letter to the editor in the latest edition of the English monthly magazine The Critic. It was from a correspondent who defended the type of architecture known as brutalist, that is to say of buildings constructed of and faced with large blocks of raw concrete. The letter concluded as follows: I love Brutalism, and believe every example of it should be preserved, but I would never call it beautiful, any more than I would call it ugly. I just happen to find it unique and interesting, and I find it condescending to be told otherwise. The … Continue reading

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The Scholastics

The Natural Law: A Study in Legal and Social History and Philosophy, by Heinrich A. Rommen Rommen’s book is divided in two sections.  The first covers the history of the idea of natural law, the second covers its philosophy and content.  Here we will continue with the history, looking at natural law during the time of the scholastics. The Fathers of the early Church made use of the Stoic natural law, finding in its principles “seeds of the word”… From the earliest, Christians would argue that natural law was inscribed in the hearts of men.  The Apostle Paul would write as much in … Continue reading

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Dien Bien Phu

Nothing is equal to anything else. In 1904, Jack London traveled from Korea to China. As soon as he crossed the border, he saw what he thought was a much more energetic, resourceful and resilient civilization, “I rode to the shore, into the village of Kuelian-Ching. There were no lounging men smoking long pipes and chattering. The previous day the Russians had been there, a bloody battle had been fought, and to-day the Japanese were there—but what was that to talk about? Everybody was busy. Men were offering eggs and chickens and fruit for sale upon the street, and bread, … Continue reading

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Episode 822 Scott Adams: Was Live! (Here’s the Replay)

My new book LOSERTHINK, available now on Amazon Content: Mike Bloomberg… Hired an expert on narcissism and comedy Considering Hillary for VP His past, stories emerging Richard Dawkins tweet on eugenics Artists, musicians, authors conflate Scientists, engineers separate If you would like my channel to have a wider audience and higher production quality, please […]

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