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The Trump Presidency

Trump rightly criticized George W. Bush for getting us into the disastrous Iraq war. But now Trump’s presidency is turning into Bush’s third term … Trump is appointing John Bolton as his National Security Adviser. Who’s Bolton? He’s one of the key architects of the Iraq war, who previously admitted that the Iraq war was about oil, not protecting the United States from weapons of mass destruction. And see this. He has also openly called for partition of Iraq and Syria into a number of different countries … as Bolton’s beloved Neocons have been planning for over 20 years. Slate notes: John Bolton’s appointment as national security adviser—a post that requires … Continue reading

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Vatican Cracks Down

The Vatican has taken new measures to punish critics of Pope Francis in a move that seems to belie the pope’s earlier calls for greater dialogue and debate within the Church. On Thursday, the Rome-based Sovereign Order of Malta, which reports directly to the Holy See, suspended historian Henry Sire after he was revealed to be the author of the bestselling book The Dictator Pope: The Inside Story of the Francis Papacy, a critical examination of the pontificate of Pope Francis. Meanwhile the Vatican has hired the international law firm of Baker McKenzie to force a small Spanish website called to close its doors, allegedly … Continue reading

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Political Pandemonium

With spring, things come unstuck; an unspooling has begun. The turnaround at the FBI and Department of Justice has been so swift that even The New York Times has shut up about collusion with Russia — at the same time omitting to report what appears to have been a wholly politicized FBI upper echelon intruding on the 2016 election campaign, and then laboring stealthily to un-do the election result. The ominous silence enveloping the DOJ the week after Andrew McCabe’s firing — and before the release of the FBI Inspector General’s report — suggests to me that a grand jury is about to convene … Continue reading

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The World Is More Dangerous Today

On 9 August 2017 President Trump tweeted “My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. It is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before.” This statement of US achievement and nuclear policy was apparently intended to intimidate the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who tested a nuclear-capable ballistic missile three months later, following which the US president issued an insulting tweet that referred to him as “Little Rocket Man.” The level of international dialogue and diplomacy sank to yet a new low which was enthusiastically reciprocated by Kim, but Trump gave a rare exhibition of … Continue reading

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Germanic Christianity

The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity: A Sociohistorical Approach to Religious Transformation, by James C. Russell This one is going to be complicated, enlightening, troubling, controversial, valuable…. From the author’s Wikipedia page: [Russell’s book] examines the encounter of the Germanic peoples with Christian conversion efforts. Russell argues that a Christian missionary policy of temporary accommodation of pre-Christian beliefs and customs inadvertently contributed to a Germanization of Christianity. He contends that since the Second Vatican Council, there has been a conscious effort in the Roman Catholic Church to “shed its predominantly Western, European image”. However, Russell notes, “the popularity of Catholic traditionalist movements … Continue reading

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The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Social activist Julia Ward wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in 1861, the same year that Henry Timrod composed his “Ethnogenesis” (the poem which kicked off part 2 of this series). In it, she penned that God will use His “terrible swift sword” to bring judgment upon “condemners” and “crush the serpent with his heel.” The wicked this New Yorker wanted to vanquish was, of course, the Southern people. Howe, the daughter of a Wall Street Banker and Calvinist-turned-Unitarian, saw the Northern cause as a holy war – the Yankees’ manifest destiny – and the Union as the army of God, … Continue reading

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Yeltsin Was Misled by US Officials

A newly-published collection of documents shows that Boris Yeltsin was misled by US officials, who told him that the Partnership for Peace was an alternative to NATO expansion when in reality it was the precursor to it. Despite objections from Moscow, Washington quietly pressed on with expansion plans. The new documents, compiled by the National Security Archive from US and Russian government files, show that US officials gave misguiding statements to Russian President Boris Yeltsin about plans for the expansion of NATO. They told Yeltsin that the Partnership for Peace — a NATO program to encourage military co-operation between NATO members and other Euro-Atlantic and ex-Soviet states — was an alternative to expanding … Continue reading

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Vaxxers Worried

Here’s why vaccines are unnecessary: They are merely given purportedly to immunize against or shall it be said ‘prevent’ certain diseases, most of which are rarely fatal in first world countries. These are mostly transitory viral conditions. There are safer, less invasive answers. Wild oregano oil is the key alternative. If it is from a truly wild source, then, it can be taken aggressively: as much as needed. Yet, for the typically immunized conditions only a modest amount is necessary, for instance, for chicken pox, measles, and mumps: like a few drops several times daily. Wild oregano oil can also be … Continue reading

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Get Your Car Ready for Summer Heat

A Houston listener asked last week about getting his car ready for summer driving.  It seems to sneak up on us every year. Suddenly we look up and for many, it’s summer and the thermometer is hitting triple digits. For some people, depending on locale, that first 100-degree day is the start of a string of hot summer days that lasts for months, for others, August brings the hottest temps. Either way, this is is a tough time of year for your car, but there are things you can do to help your car get through the summer season. 1. Check … Continue reading

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The Explosion in Fake Gold and Silver

In the US, fake gold is now a growing problem that is not being tackled. Congressman Alex Mooney (not Money!) has just written to the US Mint of the growing problem of high-quality counterfeits. He also wrote a letter to the Mint in November 2017 but the Mint responded that the problem was not significant. But the US Secret Service has since briefed the office of Congressman Mooney about the extent of the problem and the lack of supportive actions of other agencies. There we have it – a complacent Mint on the one hand and a Secret Service which is … Continue reading

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