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Churches of the Gov’t

In the well known “Parable of the Sower”, Jesus taught that while sowing the good seeds of God’s Kingdom, it is also necessary to beware the thorns, the weeds and the tares. These include the stumbling blocks and wrong concepts, often sown by people yielding to our spiritual enemy Satan, which can choke the seeds of truth. But they can do so only if we permit them to. Sadly today, just like the early Galatian church, believers seem to have been mesmerized or “bewitched” (Galatians 3:1) – blinded even to some of the most basic Christian principles. Charity, Duty and Social Welfare Many churches have now … Continue reading

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Hose Heroes?

Law enforcers aren’t “heroes”  . . .  but what about firemen? Are they Hose Heroes? People are pressured to regard them as such. Much as they are pressured to genuflect, North Korean funeral-style, before the Presence of a law enforcer. You are probably forced to pay for fire “services” in your community. Just as you are forced to “help” pay for law enforcement – even if you yourself feel no need for either service and would rather opt-out, if that choice were available to you. But of course, you have no such choice. And because you are forced to pay, there is … Continue reading

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The anti-Trump is still just Hillary

According to the Democrat Party, Jon Ossoff is the anti-Trump. They REALLY wanted you to know that; so much so, they cast Tuesday’s special election to fill Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price’s 6th district seat in Georgia’s U.S. House delegation as a referendum on President Trump. Ossoff himself even described his platform as “Make Trump Furious.”

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Thoughts on the Trinity Lutheran Case and SCOTUS

The media has been reporting on the arguments in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, the so-called “playground case.” I’ve had a chance to examine the briefs and arguments and wanted to share these thoughts. First, a bit of background. The state of Missouri operates a program whereby it reimburses nonprofits when they install rubber…
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Free Trade Under Fire in the Age of Trump

The Trump administration’s incomprehension of the benefits, and hostility to the practice, of free trade represents one of the most important current threats to the ideas of liberty, I argue in a new essay up at the Cato Institute’s website, “…

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