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Brickbat: A Proportionate Response

Timothy James, an officer with the Jacksonville, Florida, sheriff’s office, has been charged with battery after pulling a 17-year-old suspect out of a patrol car and throwing him to the ground. When a sergeant told him to put the boy back in t…

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When Are Your Parents Too Old To Drive?

Odds are, at around 16 years of age, your parents handed you the keys to your very first car. It is a day most of us never forget.  Even if it was just a cheap car, it was ugly, and it didn’t run all that great, it still meant you had your freedom.  Now many years later, you are faced with the decision to have a talk with your parents about their ability to drive.  As cruel as it seems, you are in the unenviable position to take away freedom from the very people who gave you yours. With the … Continue reading

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Doomsday Maps

Future map of the United States by Gordon- Michael Scallion When I wrote my first article on billionaire bunkers years ago, I never would have imagined how quickly our world was changing. Our lives are in a constant state of flux, the political situation aside, our earth is rapidly changing. Between the increase of bizarre weather patterns hitting the earth, and recent major volcanic activity, now more than ever our focus is on our planet’s future. In the early 1980’s, spiritual visionaries and futurists provided clues to our changing planet. Often dismissed as crazy prophets, their thoughts for a new … Continue reading

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Get a Gun and Fight Back

Another Florida sheriff is urging citizens to arm themselves and fight back if they should find themselves in an active shooter situation. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WFTS ABC News that while running and hiding can be a good option during some active shooter attacks, he hopes people will prepare if they should need to fight back themselves. “If you’re not afraid of a gun, get one,” Judd said. “Become proficient. Get a concealed firearms license and carry it. And if you need to shoot somebody, shoot ‘em a lot.” “The armed assailant doesn’t plan on you fighting back,” … Continue reading

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Out of the Ashes of Western Civilization

 The salvation of the world consists in the salvation of the individual soul. – Carl Jung Whether you believe that Western Civilization is dead, or only in a state of irreversible entropy, it should be evident that much of our culture no longer serves the interests of human beings. The major cause, which may lead to the extinction of our species, is found in our willingness to identify with abstractions which, by their very nature, reside beyond ourselves. Whether we find our identities in our race, gender, age, ideologies and other belief systems, nationality, economic interests, political parties, social/political causes, or … Continue reading

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College Can Ruin Your Life

Jackie Krowen made a big mistake. It only took a couple clicks of the mouse…but she’ll be paying for it for the rest of her life. She racked up more than $150,000 in student loan debt to become a nurse. The average nurse in the U.S. earns $5,660 per month. After taxes and living expenses, Jackie barely scrapes by. Jackie is the security for her loan. She can’t get rid of it. She can’t hide from it. She also can’t ever pay it off. She says it ruined her life. Jackie isn’t alone…42 million people have student loan debt in … Continue reading

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Snake Safety

In the event of a venomous snake bite, antivenom, sometimes called antivenin, is the only treatment. While these miraculous drugs cannot reverse the damage that the venom has already caused you, they do stop the venom in its tracks. So, how exactly does it work? Of course, you’ll also want to know which snakes are venomous, how to avoid them, and what to do if you’ve been bitten by one. Snake safety has changed a lot over the decades, and there is lots of false information floating around, so you may need this refresher. Poison or Venom? Snakes are not … Continue reading

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What You Must Find Out in a Job Interview

The first thing you need before the interview is a copy of the company’s mission statement. Get it before you walk into the interview. First, you want to know if you agree with it. Second, you want to if it is plausible. When asking questions about the company, refer back to this document. Let it guide your line of questioning. You are just trying to find out how things really work. This frame of reference will reduce the interviewer’s fears that you are a potential troublemaker. The company that is interviewing you wants to find out whether you will be … Continue reading

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What the History Channel Left Out

Over the past week, I’ve been watching the History Channel’s America’s War on Drugs mini docu-series. To my surprise, the History Channel was shockingly honest about the CIA’s involvement in the war on drugs and the massive political propaganda campaigns that went along with it. The series criminalized the CIA and the government, and rightly so, discussing their involvement in drug trafficking, production, and testing — on both volunteers and unwilling patients — and even murder. Part of the first episode honed in on the CIA’s top-secret program that is now declassified, MK-Ultra, which involved sexual and physical abuse, drug testing, hypnosis, mind control, … Continue reading

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