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DNC ties to criminal Muslims; the treason story you’re not hearing about

The mainstream media is fixating on the phony Donald Trump-Russian collusion narrative while it sweeps a sordid tale of graft and collusion by Democrat politicians and Democrat National Committee employees under the rug. And the more we learn the more we see possible evidence of high-level Democrat treason.

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States With Most Burglaries

Burglaries, robberies, and theft are big business for criminals across the country and a recently published report shows which states experience these crimes the most, as well as the most commonly stolen items in each state. According to FBI crime data from 2014 and analyzed in the report Stealing Strangers’ Stuff, burglaries are, by far, more common than theft and robberies, occurring, on average, three times every minute or nearly 200 times an hour and more than 4,600 times each day. Burglaries – both residential and commercial – were most commonly reported in Mississippi, followed by New Mexico, Nevada, Arkansas, and … Continue reading

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The Silk Roads of Revolution

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, by Peter Frankopan. When we last left Frankopan’s history of the Silk Roads at the time of the middle of the seventh century, Christianity was on the eastward march.  There was soon to be a new sheriff (or is thatSharīf) in town. But first, the bubonic plague.  The year is 541: It moved like lightning, so fast that by the time panic set in, it was already too late.  No one was spared.  The scale of death was barely imaginable. This is known today as the Plague of Justinian: The Plague of Justinian (541–542) was a pandemic that … Continue reading

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America First

Just when you think that you have heard all of the asinine ideas possible about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, out comes one that is so hideously ridiculous that you must assume the authors are demented and writing from a well-secured asylum. The quote below comes from an article about the future of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan that was in the USA Today Network on 14 July 2017. The article discusses several U.S. options in Afghanistan, but the one that takes the cake is the brainchild of two champions of the war in Iraq, who — as Tucker Carlson correctly said about Max … Continue reading

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OJ and Air Bags

OJ – who almost certainly killed two people and definitely got away with it – didn’t get away with participating in an armed robbery and kidnapping. He got 33 years, served about 9 – and is scheduled to be released this fall. Oliver Schmidt – the VW engineer who “cheated” Uncle – is looking at 169 years. He didn’t kill anyone or even trip them up. Yet if convicted, he will be taken out of circulation for life. Several of them. Who would you rather have running loose? OJ? Or Schmidt? It gives you a sense of the government’s priorities. Time to buy old … Continue reading

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The Military Industrial Complex

The ongoing problems with the F-35 and other military programs, stemming from virtually unlimited budgets, underline the inefficiency of the American military-industrial complex (MIC). In contrast, Moscow develops armaments capable of counteracting the latest technological advances of the US at minimal cost. One of a state’s most insidious mechanisms is the inefficiency of the military-industrial sector. When looking at the world’s first superpower, this becomes all the more pronounced. Still, the ongoing problems highlighted by the F-35 program and failed missile interceptions by ABM systems are a good demonstration of how inefficiency in the US military sector has risen to worrying levels. The main cause … Continue reading

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A New Alliance in the Greater Middle East

President Trump’s policy in the Greater Middle East is beginning to materialise. While up until now, the United States and their allies have been attempting to destroy states and impose chaos, they are now legitimising alliances against the jihadists. Although in theory, Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah are still enemies to be defeated, in practice, they have become partners. In the end, this new deal could enable the states of the region to force the multinational companies out of the political sphere and re-establish peace. Buy Silver at Discounted Prices From right to left (method for reading images in the … Continue reading

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Bankers, Communists, and Russia

William Felix Browder is all over the news trying to play into the whole Russian/Trump affair muddling the waters. Browder founded Hermitage Capital to invest exclusively in Russian companies. Edmond Safra, the notorious banker who was the center of what was called the Money Plane, put in $25m of seed capital for Hermitage Capital and Safra’s Republic National Bank of New York controlled it. This was the Russian deal I was being asked to join. When HSBC bought Republic National, Browder embarked on a series of share deals which has left him with complete ownership because the whole Hermitage Capital deal was … Continue reading

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The Airbnb Next Door

Free-markets and private property rights are all well and good on paper and in the abstract. However, when abstract meets reality’s road, these questions are not so easy. The other day, a neighbor dropped by with mail mistakenly delivered to her address. After pleasantries were exchanged she asked,”Do you know about the house across the street?” The family had moved and the realtor’s sign was gone. Most of the time the house seems empty, however, one particular Sunday, our quiet cul-de-sac erupted into what looked to be a spring break bacchanal. When I responded “no,” my neighbor informed me the … Continue reading

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50 Years Ago Today: The Detroit Riot and the Decline of Civil Rights Liberalism (II)

Throughout American history, government at all levels has used race to categorize, enslave, segregate, regulate human behavior, and limit immigration with “nationality” quotas that served as substitutes for race. Categorizing by race was essential to racist agendas.

In response, classical liberal civil rights activists struggled to eliminate government-mandated racial categories. They were anything but naive: racism was real, categories or no categories, but the government stamp of approval made things worse–and caused constant mischief in the ever increasing addition of group categories in the census or in immigration statutes. The only feasible solution was the most radical one: the complete elimination of government racial categories. Individuals might discriminate but would no longer have the support of the State. With time, classical liberals felt, the irrationality of racism and xenophobia would give way to better human relations.

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