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Episode 602 Scott Adams: Dr. Drew Talks About LA Apocalypse, Trump’s Tweet, Iran

Content:  Dr. Drew talks about dangerous disease outbreaks in Los Angeles Bubonic plague, typhus, TB, typhoid fever What can be done? @DrDrew Resolution debate: Is Antifa a domestic terrorist organization? “Send her back” chant and President Trump Deeply offended role-playing, and the outrage awards S.E. Cupp wins for her performance Allegations of Omar getting into […]

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Brickbat: The Last Place You Look

A man has admitted taking San Luis Obispo, Calif., Police Chief Deanna Cantrell’s gun after she left it in the restroom of an El Pollo Loco restaurant. Skeeter Carlos Mangan has returned the weapon. Cantrell said she removed her gun while using the res…

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Hazony Baloney

Given my credentials as a widely published and widely translated scholar on European and American political movements, some of my readers thought that I would be invited to this month’s conference in Washington on conservative nationalism. That I was not asked to speak came as no surprise. The conference’s organizer and star attraction, an Israeli advocate of nationalism, Yoram Hazoni, is like his predecessor Yuval Levin, a neocon client; and from what I’ve seen of the program, most of the participants are the usual suspects. West Coast Straussians, lackeys of conservatism, inc. and professional Zionists like Daniel Pipes are all … Continue reading

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