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Obama’s Watergate

When Donald Trump tweeted that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower and his telephone lines, it was clear what he meant. He meant electronic surveillance in all its many forms. Obama’s spooks broke into Republican HQ electronically in order to grab dirt on Trump, and shared what they learned with Obama, the Clinton campaign and the media in order, first, to defeat Trump; and second, to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and find dirt to use to try and force him out of office. This is Obama’s Watergate.

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The herpes president

The CDC has given a name to a virus that plagues the U.S. The malady that causes blinding headaches, ulcers, insomnia and bouts of rage is Obamaitis. Small outbreaks of Obamaitis occurred eight years ago and there is no known cure although therapy that seems promising is to stay away from any mainstream news. Obamaitis shows much higher rates of infection in white male Christians and Jews over the age of 30.

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If You Have Nothing to Hide . . .

For years, the national security establishment has been telling us, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Ergo, the feds ought to be provided complete access to all of our emails, cell calls, internet browsing records, location, private in-home conversations, banking records, credit card transactions, etc., etc., etc., held forever,…
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Yea, I am sure every other writer in America is using that too, and  I am sure they can use MS Paint better than me. So, it looks like all those Lefties running the show today who thought Operation COINTELPRO was the end of the world find more severe measures to be just fine and […]

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Calm Down People, Just Chill

This Benghazi thing? It is not much more than “Fast and Furious II, Electric Boogaloo.” Before you start assembling my pyre, I don’t think it should be that way at all. Heads should be rolling in ever direction over both items.  However, if any heads roll they will not be the heads of those at […]

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Spies Like Them – Or – More Fun and Games with the Constitution

Two days ago, officials in the Obama Administration responded to an online petition complaining against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) passed by the House of Representatives April 18 by a vote of 288 for and only 127 against – most proponents being Republicans. CISPA would allow private sector firms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, […]

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Message from the Dead

What if Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers came back from the dead? What would they say to this generation? Would they approve of the Healthcare Mandate that’s not a tax, but was approved by the Supreme Court because it is – duh – a tax? What would they say about the gun control […]

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The Loneliness of the Black libertarian Part 1

Having a skin tone roughly the same shade as our current commander-in-chief makes it difficult to be a libertarian. It means you’re not a “team player.” It means you’re on the wrong side of history. And it means you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. “What do you mean you do don’t support President […]

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