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Politics and American Surveillance

Editor: Today is the publication date of the Independent Institute’s newest book, American Surveillance: Intelligence, Privacy, and the Fourth Amendment, by Anthony Gregory (Research Fellow, Independent Institute). Published for Independent by the University of Wisconsin Press, this widely acclaimed new book traces the history of government surveillance in the U.S. that transcends party divides,…
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Put Yourself in the Government’s Shoes

…Just bear in mind that those shoes might cost a good $16 trillion, give or take. So, not surprisingly, the ever-steadfast State apologist Lindsey Graham doesn’t balk at the idea of a secret, warrantless NSA seizure of phone records: “I am a Verizon customer,” he recently said. “You can have my phone number, and put […]

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Is the National Park Service Playing Big Brother?

I visited a National Park last week and was joined for a friendly chat by 2 patrolling NPS officers. They asked me where I was from, how long I was in the park and where I was going in the park. As the chat went on, I caught on that this was eerily similar to […]

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FBI Spying On Community groups….oh did I mention they were Muslims?

These are the kind of stories that force you to put your Moral/Political compass to the test.  Either You support the Government “spying” or you don’t, Right? According to an AFP story on Breitbart…. The FBI has been spying and compiling information on Muslim community groups while under the guise of holding outreach meetings with […]

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