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The CNN smackdown

Following President Trump’s retweet of a marginally creative gif, the boys in Atlanta managed to not only react like their hair was on fire, they appear to have shampooed with gasoline. Bad enough that they turned a cutesy little Twitter meme into a death threat; they went full “Gambino,” hunting him down like a mob informant and blackmailing him into offering the least believable apology since Hillary Clinton’s husband got handsy with the interns.

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Ron Paul Does to CNN What I Did Years Ago

The lamestream media is getting pretty desperate. It’s digging up 20 year old “Racist” newsletters that have already been debunked. According to, Ron Paul again faced questions about the newsletters from a CNN reporter. The reporter stated that the newsletters were “Incendiary” and her questions were therefore legitimate. He responded that they were incendiary […]

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