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On Propaganda And American Independence

Many of you may know the United States government is actually a corporation. If you didn’t know, you can look it up on Dunn and Bradstreet here. I confess, when I learned this, I was shocked. But it is true. US Inc. has also declared bankruptcy. Multiple times. Research it yourself. To get you started, […]

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Has The Round-up Of Americans Started?

I know, your first thoughts are rubbish, where’s the evidence? I watch the news. I read. I haven’t seen or heard of anything dramatic like this. Indeed, but by design, that is exactly what the powers-that-be want you to think. Do you actually believe they would announce it as the lead story on FOX, CNN […]

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Gay Marriage and Abortion: Round Infinity

Previously, I’ve publicly stated that I – one of those “Bible-believing Christians” – am not opposed to gay marriages, for which I’ve received much flak from family members. Specifically, my own husband. Interesting, because we recently celebrated our 25th anniversary, a feat we somehow achieved in spite of the marriage busting crises we’ve faced. At […]

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When Is Enough, Enough?

As we rapidly approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy, it is important to realize this will give the lunatic left another opportunity to shout from the roof tops that JFK was a “great” leader and “good and honorable” man. Indeed, in any given bookstore in America the number of books […]

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The Battle Over Benghazi

It is now about eight months after the attack in Benghazi, Libya. That dastardly deed left four Americans dead. Obviously, thinking they can get some mileage out of it, Republicans have blown the dust off the file in hopes of creating momentum for impeachment of our beloved supreme ruler. Which is ironic since it was […]

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Cyrus Cash Grab Is Blueprint For U.S. Banks

First it was Cyprus. Then the IRBC in Ireland. Who will be next? Italy? Spain? France? Britain? The United States? That is the million dollar question. But rest assured, America is a domino in the line, its position unknown to the peasants. In fact, during a radio interview last Saturday, David Morgan, an independent precious-metals […]

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Video: An Intense Momment Of Truth

Your Congress is bought. There are no Republicans. There are no Democrats. There are only Repuborats. Over the last two decades, trade, banking and tax policies have been implemented—intentionally designed to harm the country—by these corrupt Repuborats. These policies are now ravaging America. Former MSNBC host Dylan Radigan is one of the few TV talking […]

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Gay Marriage and the Tie that Binds

The gay marriage issue that the Supreme Court recently dropped will ride again someday, just as surely as God made little green apples. I can’t get away from the wrongness of this, for several reasons. First, because I don’t think marriage should ever be addressed on the federal level. But, here on a Libertarian website, […]

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