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Your Five Must-Read Articles This Week

There is so much going on in the world, it’s impossible to stay up-to-date on the latest threats to your safety and liberty. Which is why each week, I’ll comb the web for five must-read articles to keep you informed. Think of this as your “defensive dossier.” Because it’s easier to prepare for any kind of danger if you can see it coming.

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Congress gets weird(er)

As if 2016 couldn’t get any weirder, what with a bombastic reality TV star facing a grossly corrupt sociopath for the heavyweight championship of the Free World; leave it to our Democrat pals to find a way to make it infinitely so. This week, the party of our current President took it upon themselves to grind the wheels of government to a dead stop.

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The Simple Answer

I have the answer to our nation’s debt crisis! There is one simple thing that we can do to help get our nation debt-free and avoid an impending bankruptcy. Stop spending money on stupid shit! Stop passing bills that end up costing us more money. Every time Congress passes a law these days it ends […]

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    What is so significant about the year 1913? For the United States of America, it represents, quite possibly, the beginning of the downfall of our republic. Politically speaking, there were some pretty bad events that occurred in 1913. Don’t get me wrong though, there were some good things that happened that year. For […]

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Government Intervention in U.S. Agriculture: Part 3

Aren’t government-created monopolies great?! For just one example of the colossal power wielded through the Hoover administration’s newly-created Federal Farm Board in the late twenties, you only need to look at how the government provided incredible amounts of spending to fund the corporate board’s interests. In December of 1930, Congress voted to give the FFB […]

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Bipartisanship A good idea?

On paper bipartisanship sounds like a good idea. Democrats, Republicans, independents, putting aside their political differences to serve the greater good of our proud nation. But what happens when the left and the right march together to a place that’s bad for everybody? Bipartisanship as usual is what happens. And if you want to see […]

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Congress Makes 2 Good Moves on Ethanol

The 30 year subsidy for corn ethanol is over, as Congress has not extended it. Adding to this, imported ethanol from Brazil will no longer face a tariff. Economically, this means that the US ethanol industry will have to compete fair and square to earn it’s profits. Also, this could slightly reduce the price of […]

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Who Needs Checks and Balances? Certainly Not Obama

President Obama rolled out his plan for what he calls “helping” with student loans, housing crisis and more…Here’s the best part of the plan. He has no intention of letting a little thing like the Constitution get in his way. President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy […]

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