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Tyranny Over the Mind

  The U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder recently said that homeschooling is not a fundamental right. The Obama administration made that argument in federal court regarding the Romeike family, Christians who sought asylum here in the land of the free after being severely persecuted in Germany. This is wrong on at least […]

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Pennsylvania Gets One Step Closer to School Choice

Benjamin Franklin would be proud. The Pennsylvania State Senate voted on Wednesday to pass the SB-1 a school choice Bill being given Bi-Partisian support from it’s Champions, Sen. Jeffrey Piccola (R) and Sen. Anthony Williams (D). According to the press release from the Center for Education Reform: “Kudos to the state’s courageous leadership, who put […]

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SOTU Response Part 6: Education: Take It Down, Start Again

  The educational system is beyond broken in this country, and for some reason, liberals and democrats think that if we take a system that’s broken down, and just feed it more money, then eventually it will hit some kind of magic tipping point and everything will work. That’s akin to taking a car with  […]

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Merit Pay for Teachers Is Like Patching A Flat Tire

After I heard about this I thought to myself – What? That’s very unsocialist of you, Mr. Obama. Then of course I realized that this is simply patching a flat tire – its throwing a bone to the consevatives, but at the same time its meaningless: sure you can give teachers merit pay – whcih […]

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