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Why Ron Paul is The Last Honest Politician

As an independent I find myself being out of step with almost all mainstream politicians. I would say that I’m more conservative economically, but more liberal socially. I have difficulty identifying with any of the mainstream candidates, because their views drift to far to the left or right. One Republican candidate that I respect, and […]

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Can We Take 4 More Years?

So the question is – can this country take 4 more years of Barack Hussein Obama? By all accounts it appears that during the next election cycle, the GOP will maintain their strength in the House (unless of course they make some bonehead move to compromise with this administration in the hope of “getting things […]

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Fooled Again: Do We Deserve Freedom?

Why did we elect Obama? Was it because we liked his policies? No, most of us aren’t into big government, or implementing other countries “failed polices of the past”. Was it because we couldn’t handle even more of the liberal lite style that we were getting from George W. Bush and his protégé McCain. Probably. […]

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