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Reflections on Donald Trump’s Election

As the markets and pundits react to Donald Trump’s enormous upset victory, let me offer my own reactions. As an economist, I will focus on matters pertaining to economic policy. The Danger of Hubris and Denial. Everybody recognizes that the “experts” and polls were totally wrong. Indeed, I was listening to NPR around 6…
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    What is so significant about the year 1913? For the United States of America, it represents, quite possibly, the beginning of the downfall of our republic. Politically speaking, there were some pretty bad events that occurred in 1913. Don’t get me wrong though, there were some good things that happened that year. For […]

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Would Our Economy Fail Without a Federal Reserve?

There’s no doubt it’s a commonly-held opinion, that the Federal Reserve System is what has always stabilized us – without it, you might say, recessions would be far more severe. But the Federal Reserve, let’s remember, preceded the Great Depression by 16 years. Canada – in the absence of a central bank until 1934 – […]

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Treasury Scarcity to Grow as Fed Buys 90% of New Bonds

  The government only has 3 methods to raise and/or create money: 1. tax the people 2. borrow by conning other folks into buying the debt and 3. just print money out of thin air. Option #3 is obviously the most dangerous and generally signals the end of a paper fiat currency. Treasury Scarcity to […]

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Herman Cain Was a Former Director of the Federal Reserve

It boggles the mind. Herman Cain – former Director of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City – is now a leading Republican candidate. He was a key player in the same Federal Reserve that is undercutting our society to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars. The same Federal Reserve that is made of […]

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The Fed Is Getting Self-Conscious

The Federal Reserve, home of international bankers who wield tremendous influence over the US economy, is getting a bit self-conscious these days. It is really concerned what everyone thinks about it. In fact, it’s going to find out what people think – whether they like it or not. The Fed seeks to gather information on […]

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