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France’s New Organ Registry and the New Paternalism

Social media never fails to create drama. Several months ago, an acquaintance on Facebook posted a video discussing France’s new law regarding organ donation. Specifically, the French government revised its policies on organ donation such that everyone is considered an organ donor upon their death unless they officially opt out of the program. As of…
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Oui, Oui, Bring Back the Guillotine? Depardieu Paid an 85% Tax Rate (not enough according to the French)

The last thing the world needs is another French Revolution because revolutions typically end quite badly, are very bloody and result in ruthless totalitarianism.  With the global economy tanking because of the scourge of statism, the warfare-welfare state, fascist crony capitalism and thieving central banksters who rob the people to cover their derivative gambling losses, […]

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