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What is Consent? Edison’s Light Bulb

Back in 2006, Congress passed a “green” law to save energy by replacing the warm light of the incandescent bulb with alternative bulbs (not so friendly to the eyes or the pocketbook). Did Americans truly “consent” to the elimination of this light bulb? Almost no one knew their lawmakers passed this law. Moreover, the expensive, ugly-lit light bulbs regulators wanted Americans to buy were on sale for years. The problem was consumers – day after day, purchase after purchase – refused to consent to pay many times over for inferior light. Isn’t that a form of “consent” more responsive to the issue at hand than the passage of a law no one knew about?

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Politics Creates Conflict

One interesting thing to note about the political statements coming from candidates as the primaries approach is the adversarial nature of their rhetoric. They don’t hesitate to attack their primary opponents despite the fact that they broadly agree on most things. Yes, Republicans will take an occasional jab at Hillary, but mostly they are…
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Government Sovereignty Destroys Consumer Sovereignty

One aspect of capitalism is that it’s about the sovereignty of the consumer. With that understanding, we can plainly see that any businesses that advance themselves through (1) subsidy handouts and/or (2) land-grabbing, eminent domain deals are reliant on nothing more and nothing less than the government. They aren’t reliant on a free-market. These are tricks of […]

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I Won’t Bail You Out if You Won’t Bail Me Out!

Isn’t it true that advocates of free market capitalism support allowing corporations to do whatever the hell they want? Not exactly. First of all, a free market would involve completely eliminating government subsidies and benefits for private companies – clearly, that’s the total opposite of what the Bush and Obama wings of big government have put […]

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