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Are We Nearing a “Boston Tea Party” Moment?

Mobs are occupying Wall Street. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is at 9.1 percent – not too far off from the historical high of 10.8 percent. We are in the midst of a so-called “Great Recession” and it doesn’t look like things are getting any better. The Second Amendment has […]

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Would You Hire The Government to Cut Your Grass?

People often bicker about how good an administration is. Many on the left still think that the Obama Administration is effective – at least enough to make him competitive in the upcoming election. As a simple mental exercise, I wonder how many people would hire a company that is as effective (or ineffective) as the […]

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People Vs The State

People everywhere are rising against their respective states: here with the Tea Party, in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen. Around the world, people are using the power of the internet, as much as they have, in order to help them to overthrow their own personal tyrannical regimes. Whether its by oppressive taxation and regulation, or kidnapping, torture […]

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Entering The Age Of “Undo”

One of the key tenets of Obama and his administration, well, not just Obama’s, but Bush’s before him, actually, administrations stretching all the way back to FDR and beyond, is the feel that they always need to “Do” something. Whenever there is some kind of crisis befalling the American people, whether it be the Crash […]

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