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How Harvey dooms the Democrats

Ex-Miramax studio honcho Harvey Weinstein, patron of the arts, promotor of progressives, mentor to movie stars, and Democrat Party ATM, is also a blue-ribbon-at the-4-H show-class pig. That’s right; one of the most powerful people in an industry which is dominated by, and perpetuates, every ugly stereotype imaginable, is a real-life avatar for the worst of them all.

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Wonder Woman Schools James Cameron on Strength in Character

The dust up prompted by iconic filmmaker James Cameron’s critical comments of Wonder Woman, and by implication, director Patty Jenkins, may have triggered a long overdue discussion over the validity of gender stereotypes in Hollywood. Cameron called Wonder Woman, the summer blockbuster, “a step backwards” for strong female characters in an interview with The…
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Hollywood’s Liberal Agenda

  The following is a guest post by Blake Oates. It should be no surprise to anyone that Hollywood has an overtly liberal agenda, but to those of you who question that statement I say just ask those in Hollywood.  That’s exactly what Ben Shapiro did when working on his new book “Primetime Propaganda.” Ben […]

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