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The Strength of Non-Interventionism as a Foreign Policy

It was exciting over the weekend to hear about the launch of Ron Paul’s Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Recalling one of the infamous debates during the last election cycle, where he was booed after suggesting the “Golden Rule” be applied to foreign policy, it’s obvious that Paul’s detractors just couldn’t get with that part of his […]

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Is War Next? Syrian Army Blows Turkish Jet Out Of The Sky

Increasing tensions between Turkey and Syria may have spun out of control Friday after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced his country was able to confirm that Syria shot down a Turkish F-4 jet. The crew of two is missing and both Turkish and Syrian forces are conducting searches. Syria claims the warplane was flying low […]

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Iran Cuts Oil Supply to Spain

Way to go on those sanctions, Obama Administration! You may just get your war now! Iran has cut off oil to Spain. This is supposedly in response to sanctions that have been levied against them. They are also considering doing the same to Germany and Italy. What we need now is an impossible-to-achieve goal. You […]

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Thoughts on Obama and Iran

I’m not sure what to make of Obama’s stance on the Iran issue. He has been very hawkish during his term as President. I suspect that this is partly because of his lack of principles and partly because of the pressures on him from the people behind the scenes – you know, those who Kennedy […]

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Federal Bureau of Incompetence

In a secret inter-agency contest to see which federal bureaucracy can deadpan the funniest press conference, Vegas bookies are indicating that the FBI has surged into the lead with its release of a new flyer designed to help internet cafe operators identify potential terrorists . Odds are now 7 to 1 that the FBI will […]

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Iran Blocks Nuclear Inspectors – Let’s Blow Them Off the Map!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran has blocked access to a suspected nuclear site, scientists and documents this week. This begs the question – so what? The Obama Administration is sure to use this as fuel for their PR campaign to attack another country who doesn‘t play ball with the bankers. However, you […]

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Why the Desperation for War With Iran?

As Iran continues it’s war games, the US seems eager to provoke them into battle. The Telegraph is reporting that a US vessel has been spotted in the war games zone. Additionally, tough talk is coming from Washington about the situation. Iran has been on the US hitlist at least since the beginning of the […]

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Should Iran be Allowed to Have Nukes?

Iran has claimed that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Obviously, this is probably a lie. A story has come out about how Iran will detail allegations today that the US has sponsored terrorist plots in the region. On 1 hand, I agree with them – the CIA and other US entities have been […]

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Cain is Not Able

When the election season kicked off, I gave every Republican candidate the benefit of the doubt. I’ve since eliminated all but 2 of them – and Herman Cain has joined that fate. Cain, who has remained neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney in recent weeks, was second on my list of Republicans early on. However, as I dug […]

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