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Get A Job

Is it just me or anybody else getting tired of the market getting blamed for low wages? Low wage jobs are nothing new. There have always been low paying jobs and there will always be low paying jobs. These type of jobs were not meant to be the end all of a person’s employment history. […]

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Government is Not the Answer

Doesn’t it just seem like government is getting involved in too much these days? They have their hand in just about everything. All I hear and read about is how Congress is debating this new law and that new law. How about no NEW laws, but let’s just enforce the ones we have, shall we? […]

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Are New Job Numbers Fact Or Fiction?

So the Labor Department has announced unemployment went down from 8.1% to 7.8% in its latest jobs report. But the Obama administration did much more than that. They also decided to revise job numbers back through July. Now that’s initiative. Finally, this administration has shown the kind of motivation we expect from government — especially […]

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The Minimum Rage

Running a business is not easy. There is often significant personal financial risk involved. You have to be organized and responsive and your product or service has to be competitive both in quality and in price. Otherwise, your competition makes the sale. If you lose too many sales, you close your doors. That’s it, game […]

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Fire The Wisconsin Doctors, Too

It looks like doctors in Wisconsin have been writing fake sick notes for the teachers so that they can take time off work and go to these protests asking for more favors from the state, even though the state can no longer afford to do this. In a previous post, I suggested that we fire […]

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Oprah’s KFC Chicken

The Oprah KFC story makes me think that people like her and Obama are not the disease, but simply a symptom of the disease. The disease is our culture change away from self-reliance and personal responsibility and towards letting someone else (aka the nanny state) take care of things for me. Can’t we think for […]

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