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Ron Paul Does to CNN What I Did Years Ago

The lamestream media is getting pretty desperate. It’s digging up 20 year old “Racist” newsletters that have already been debunked. According to, Ron Paul again faced questions about the newsletters from a CNN reporter. The reporter stated that the newsletters were “Incendiary” and her questions were therefore legitimate. He responded that they were incendiary […]

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Establishment Shills Want Anybody But Ron Paul

Turn off the TV. Forget the fable that you learned in your history class and think for a minute. America is sinking faster than the Titanic. Police state measures are in place and continue to expand. We are effectively ruled by a shadow government – including the CIA, NSA, CFR, Trilateral Commission and K Street. […]

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I’m Done With CBS…and Almost With the Republican Party

What a disgusting debate. Americans were unfortunate enough to hear a bunch of war-mongering salesmen attempt to sucker them into another 4 years of global tyranny at the barrel of a gun. As usual, the only real voice of reason was Ron Paul – and CBS just couldn’t have that. He was given just 89 […]

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Is the Mainstream Media Complicit in America’s Decline?

How often have you heard of the Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commission? How about the Bilderberg Group (which editors from the New York Times and Washington Post regularly attend) or Project for the New American Century? Do you know who Nick Rockefeller or David Rockefeller, Jr. are? Chances are that you’ve never heard […]

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