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Sanctuary Cities and Recreational Marijuana

Sanctuary cities deliberately refer to themselves using this confrontational terminology, indicating that they provide a sanctuary for those who are in the country illegally. They do so by refusing to aid the federal government in enforcing federal immigration law. Sanctuary cities could be less confrontational if they dropped the terminology and simply said they…
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Pot Makes You Mellow?

“Have you ever heard of a pothead breaking into a house and stealing to buy weed?”  That was a question posed to me by a coworker in a warehouse. “No, but I’ve known quite a few who would steal for food, because they spent all their money on weed.”  I responded. He was a very honest […]

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Marijuana: A Winning GOP Issue?

Listen up, GOP! If you are interested in staying relevant – you must become more libertarian. Most people ARE libertarian underneath, they just don’t admit it! Plus, smoking pot is not going to kill this country, but our debt is. If marijuana advocates have come down at all since last months victories in Colorado and Washington, […]

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Are all Ron Paul supporters potheads?

The short answer is “No, of course not.” But that’s not convincing enough. So when all else fails, use logic. I am going to dispel the myth that “all Ron Paul supporters are potheads” in 50 words. People argue that if you support a candidate who wants to legalize marijuana, it must mean that you […]

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Obama avoids drug questions during Google+ hangout

  On Monday, President Obama participated in a Google+ video forum where he responded to questions from potential voters that were submitted via YouTube and the White House website. Among the 20 most popular questions on YouTube, 18 concerned the War on Drugs and legalization of marijuana. President Obama failed to address any drug-related issues, […]

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