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Is the lack of civility in political discussions a new thing?

Even if you overlook the clashes between the two fascist forces – Antifa and the white supremacists, who are nothing more than an extreme but vocal minority – as fringe elements and not reflective of reality, all political discourse seemingly deteriorates quickly to calumny, contumely and vitriol, if not open conflict.

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Ideology, Identity Politics, and Politico-Cultural Conflict

The past year’s political events, especially the campaign for the presidency as it converged on a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have illuminated the way in which ideology, with the identity politics that springs from it, drives a dialectical process: political domination creates resentment, which feeds reaction and, on occasion, revolution against…
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It's On Like Donkey Kong
The Cultural War is Raging

So the right has declared war on the left. And it begins. Prompted by years of nonsense from the left, and shored by Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death, this cultural war has been brewing for quite some time now. Let’s get one thing straight on the outset: I am not a pacifist. Nor am I a […]

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