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#97 – Inauguration Of Our First Foreign Born President – Communist Amerika: The Elite Party Members vs The People

[youtube=] While the chosen ones spend $170M of our money on a party for themselves, people are losing thier jobs, their homes, their companies are going out of business. We are living in communist Amerika, and no one seems to care – why all the optimism people? How is electing this empty suit, who gets […]

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#93 Obama: Our First Bi-Sexual Female Presidential Puppet – No Questions, Please

[youtube=] Not content in calling our new President-Elect the first black president, watching Hillary being all macho has Obama loving journalists saying he’s got more feminine qualities than her – so what does that also make him the first female president as well? And with the Larry Sinclair accusations, does that also make him bi-sexual? […]

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#727 Obama: A Bi-Sexual Female Lincoln – Run On Guns – No Free Speech In Press Conference – One Week Till Adulation

Not content in calling Obama the first black president, they are saying he’s more feminine than Hillary, so now hes also our first female President. And with the allegations from Larry Sinclair – he may be our first bi-sexual black female president. And since he won’t take questions from unapproved journalists, he may be our […]

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#92 Propping Up Dead Industries – Why Not A Tax Holiday?

The only thing this stimulus bill is going to do is to prop up dying or dead industries. Construction, Manufacturing and Retail? C’mon people – what century are you living in? Innovation and ideas are the stuff we create now – things that are worth way more than installing an HVAC in a government building. […]

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#91 Manufactured Crisis + Manufactured Solution = We Are Being Played

Read this and tell me if you dont agree that everything thats gone down, from the original reason why we are in this fiscal mess (government forcing loans on people who could not possibly pay back) to a trillion dollar stimulus package consisting of giant payoffs to failing industries, isn’t simply a way for those […]

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