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First Lady Gorges While Telling Her Subjects To Starve

This is totally typical. While telling the rest of the country to eat healthy, the Queen of America gorges herself on huge portions of ribs, enough to make linebackers cry. I guess this is what happens when you have royalty and subjects. Liberals, for some reason, can totally live with the bizarre juxtaposition of behaviors, […]

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Killing Vouchers – Capitalism A Mental Disorder – Government As Matrix – Tantrum Over – Agenda Uber Alles

On Today’s Shows: Obamas Spending Bill Kills Vouchers Harvard Accuses People Who Believe In Free Markets Have a Mental Disorder Obama: Agenda Über Alles The Presidential Tantrum Is Over Obama: Narcissist and Abuser Obama Poll Numbers Falling Justice Dept. Investigates Sheriff Joe for Enforcing Immigration Law; 16,000+ Illegals detained… Rich Folks Fee To Switzerland To […]

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Freedom Bunker Featured On Fox Business Networks “Happy Hour”

[youtube=] That’s right – my rantings seem to have attracted the attention of some folks at Fox, I was contacted last week by the producer of the show “Happy Hour” which is on weekdays at 5pm ET. They wanted to feature some of the Bunker TV Show on Happy Hour and then interview me the […]

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