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Are We Too Far Gone?

Last night I was catching up on the most recent episode of The Americans (which is a great show if you are into that stuff). There will be a marathon of the 4 episodes I think this week. Within this particular episode was when Ronald Reagan was shot. Subsequent scenes showed the camera panning to […]

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Hillary’s Fake Outrage

  It’s been almost 5 months since Americans have been screaming for answers regarding 4 dead Americans in the wake of the Benghazi attack. This administration has lied, misled, and done everything in their power to avoid answering any questions (so much for transparency). And when the Secretary of State is finally able to answer […]

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Hypocrite, thy name is…

I don’t think anyone is thinking that what happened in Newtown, CT wasn’t a tragedy. (Or Newton as the almighty O called it). The fact these children will never have a chance to do anything is very sad. One of those children may have grown up to be the next Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. […]

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Why Ron Paul is The Last Honest Politician

As an independent I find myself being out of step with almost all mainstream politicians. I would say that I’m more conservative economically, but more liberal socially. I have difficulty identifying with any of the mainstream candidates, because their views drift to far to the left or right. One Republican candidate that I respect, and […]

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Who Is Rich?

Its amazing that the communists, socialists, leftists and Obamabots STILL believe that the rich of today are rich because they stole from others or exploited others. Nowadays, the rich are rich because they provided a product or service that people want to buy. People WILLINGLY gave the “rich” person money for some product or service, […]

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Year One, A.O.

Obama acts like history began when he ascended to the throne. Like America did not exist prior to January 20th, 2009. So why don’t we just call this year 1 AO. As in after Obama? So I was born in 46 BO, and the American Revolution occurred in 232 BO, and Christ was born in […]

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Oprah’s KFC Chicken

The Oprah KFC story makes me think that people like her and Obama are not the disease, but simply a symptom of the disease. The disease is our culture change away from self-reliance and personal responsibility and towards letting someone else (aka the nanny state) take care of things for me. Can’t we think for […]

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Government Is Theft

Obama now seeks to seize all types of companies – not yet banks. Why not nationalize everything? As one of my viewers suggested, the question is not why but when. Next, Obama will most likely use this populist anger to tax ALL executive bonuses for ALL companies, whether or not they take money from the […]

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Killing Vouchers – Capitalism A Mental Disorder – Government As Matrix – Tantrum Over – Agenda Uber Alles

On Today’s Shows: Obamas Spending Bill Kills Vouchers Harvard Accuses People Who Believe In Free Markets Have a Mental Disorder Obama: Agenda Über Alles The Presidential Tantrum Is Over Obama: Narcissist and Abuser Obama Poll Numbers Falling Justice Dept. Investigates Sheriff Joe for Enforcing Immigration Law; 16,000+ Illegals detained… Rich Folks Fee To Switzerland To […]

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