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The Christian’s relationship to U.S. government

Can we be politically active and not be in violation of God’s law? Some of our more conservative brethren would tell us that there is little we can or should do or say in response to an abusive government because it is “established by God,” and they cite Romans 13. So what can we do without violating God’s law?

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Michael J. Novak, Jr., 1933-2017

Our very dear friend and Founding Member of the Board of Advisors of the Independent Institute, Michael Novak, passed away at the age of 83, on February 17th. A man of immense generosity, integrity, joyfulness, and good will, Michael was one of the most important scholars, theologians, prolific authors, and public intellectuals of the…
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Conservatives and Religion: Reality Check

Here’s the thing. I’m not what you would consider a Religious person. However I do have a strong faith in God, consider that your warning. What I see happening in some sectors of the conservative movement is very disturbing. See to me one of the best ideals of conservatism is individual rights. That means the […]

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