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How the Lamestream Media’s Darlings Have Fared

In the aftermath of the Ames Straw Poll, the lamestream media almost universally promoted Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the “Top tier.” Notable mention was also given to Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman after the event. After that fable lost it’s luster, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich ascended to the top for […]

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Rick Perry Isn’t Going Anywhere

Say what you want about  Rick Perry, he can at least laugh at himself.   After his brain freeze during the debate on Wednesday night, when asked to name the three government agencies he wanted to abolish, the vultures were out. And of course when I say Vultures I mean, supporters of the other candidates […]

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Rick Perry’s “Gaffe”: Just a Bit Overblown?

The news world is abuzz with Rick Perry’s allegedly awful debate performance. Numerous stories are suggesting that is campaign is just about over. Is this really what it has come to? I will not be voting for Perry. In fact, I believe that he is the worst Republican candidate out there. However, I choose to […]

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Is Rick Perry’s Tax Plan a “Game Changer”?

  Even though Rick Perry’s numbers have slipped in the polls since the so-called “debates’ started, he is clearly not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Perry’s campaign announced they will be rolling out his new “Tax” plan that is being teased as a “Flat/Fair” Tax Alternative. This plan is going to give […]

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It’s Getting Harder to Hide Ron Paul

Most of us received confirmation of a blatant media bias against Ron Paul following his strong performance at Ames. There was a near total blackout of his performance in the mainstream media, despite coming in a near-tie with the winner, Michelle Bachmann, who was declared a top-tier candidate almost universally afterward. With speculation that Rick […]

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Rick Perry Maintains a Big Lead: Are You Kidding Me?

Obama is a sinking ship – although he still may remain afloat long enough to win the Presidency again. In reality, it’s going to be either him or a Republican candidate, as many Americans haven’t awoken to the idea of third party candidates, yet. Ever since he announced his entry into the race over a […]

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