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What’s next for the liberty movement?

I am back from my internet hiatus. I had the opportunity to work as press secretary for a congressional campaign in western New York. Unfortunately, we lost our primary election last week. But I learned so much, and despite the outcome, it was an extremely rewarding experience. A lot has happened in the liberty movement […]

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Does Ron Paul Still Have a Chance?

Frankly, I have no idea of what will happen to Santorum’s delegates, although I am glad he is out of the race. Whether it will be a boost to Ron Paul or allow Romney to run away with this thing is up in the air, as far as I can tell. Despite having won 1 […]

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Should Ron Paul Leave the Republican Party?

This is a question I’ve dealt with before, but I’ll do it again. I just read this article that, if true, fits along with my belief all along that Dr. Paul simply won’t be permitted to win, even if he somehow gathers enough delegates to do so. In fact, I doubt that he’ll be allowed […]

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The Idiocy of Blind Party Support

A relatively recent Rasmussen poll placed Ron Paul as the winner in a head-to-head battle with incumbent tool Barack Obama. Of course, this was with Paul as the Republican nominee, which is highly unlikely to pan out. A recent article that I read on suggested that polls indicate that Ron Paul would get 18 […]

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Should Ron Paul Stick It Out as a Republican?

I just read an interesting article about whether or not Ron Paul should pursue the Presidency outside of the Republican Party. This is something that I’ve touched on before on this site, including here and here. Frankly, the Republican Party is an immoral joke. It has been overrun by warmongering, belligerent corporate tools who would […]

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Ron Paul Moves Into Third Place

A quick check on Wikipedia shows that Ron Paul edged out Rick Santorum for second place in Washington. He took 25 percent of the vote and is projected to take 10 delegates from the state, according to the site, placing him just ahead of Newt Gingrich for the first time since the early days of […]

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Are Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in Cahoots?

I just read an article on that outlines how Ron Paul and Mitt Romney may have formed an informal alliance. The story goes that Ron Paul would be selected as Romney’s VP, which is something that I’ve touched on recently. This has come up again due to charges by the Santorum campaign. Santorum’s crew […]

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Ron Paul’s Dilemma

Ron Paul will soon face a tough decision: Should he finish out his campaign as a Republican or drop out and run as an Independent? If he chooses to stay as a Republican, he will likely end his run in Tampa at the Republican Convention. However, he will have access to all of the remaining […]

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Who Was the Maine Man?

By now, many of you have likely heard of the disputed results in the Maine Caucuses. There have been numerous reports from Business Insider and other sources of voter fraud and skewed results in favor of Romney, who won a very narrow victory by the official count. In terms of delegates, the winner really isn’t […]

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