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Who Was the Maine Man?

By now, many of you have likely heard of the disputed results in the Maine Caucuses. There have been numerous reports from Business Insider and other sources of voter fraud and skewed results in favor of Romney, who won a very narrow victory by the official count. In terms of delegates, the winner really isn’t […]

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Paul Has Best Outing Yet; Romney Continues to Dominate

According to Wikipedia, Mitt Romney won a narrow victory in Maine with 39 percent of the vote. Finishing in second place was Ron Paul with 36 percent of the vote – his best outing yet by 9 points. Ironically, Ron Paul has done best in Romney’s backyard, as he secured 23 percent of the vote […]

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Would Mitt Romney Pick Ron Paul as His VP?

I just read an article on about how a Republican strategist has predicted that Ron Paul will be on the Republican ticket in November. He predicted that Romney is the favorite, but that Paul could still win the nomination without carrying a single state. If Romney were to win, the strategist predicted that he […]

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Would Ron Paul be Allowed to Win?

To the untrained eye, America is a free country with open elections. However, as the Iowa Caucuses and possibly the Nevada Caucuses show, the establishment favorite is always subject to an unfair boost. Now, this isn’t to say that Ron Paul has been ripped off, even though there have been numerous reported oddities in each […]

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It’s Not Looking Good for Ron Paul

It’s quite impressive that Ron Paul has lasted even this long, given the overwhelming bias he has faced within his own party and the mainstream media. However, with 8 states having held their Primaries or Caucuses, he has yet to win 1. Sure, Ron Paul will pick up some delegates from yesterday’s elections, but voters […]

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Should Ron Paul Drop Out?

Ron Paul finished in a close third-place in the Nevada Caucuses over the weekend. We’ll see how he does over the next few days in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota and Missouri, but his hopes of securing the Republican nomination are growing grim. According to Wikipedia, Paul currently sits in third place – 83 delegates behind frontrunner […]

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Are all Ron Paul supporters potheads?

The short answer is “No, of course not.” But that’s not convincing enough. So when all else fails, use logic. I am going to dispel the myth that “all Ron Paul supporters are potheads” in 50 words. People argue that if you support a candidate who wants to legalize marijuana, it must mean that you […]

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Grassroots video: “I Am Ron Paul”

Check out this great video produced by Ron Paul supporter dawnoftheweak. Congressman Paul’s success has been in large part due to his grassroots following. The enthusiasm and passion of Ron Paul supporters are unmatched. In one of the GOP debates, Mitt Romney even commended Paul’s supporters for their dedication. During the 2008 election cycle, Ron […]

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Ron Paul for Governor of Texas?

Ron Paul is still alive in the Republican Primaries, so I don’t want to count him out. That being said, I wonder how he would do in a race to be the Governor of Texas. Months ago, when Rick Perry was still in the game, Ron Paul polled better than him in Texas for the […]

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On Monday, in an attempt to court Ron Paul supporters, proposed an idea on its Facebook page: This proposition was met with quite a bit of hostility from Ron Paul fans who scoffed at the idea of Congressman Paul joining forces with two people who they consider to be establishment, status quo candidates with […]

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Obama avoids drug questions during Google+ hangout

  On Monday, President Obama participated in a Google+ video forum where he responded to questions from potential voters that were submitted via YouTube and the White House website. Among the 20 most popular questions on YouTube, 18 concerned the War on Drugs and legalization of marijuana. President Obama failed to address any drug-related issues, […]

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How Racist Ron Paul Would Torture Non-Whites

I’m sick and tired of being confused with the facts from that Nazi, racist lunatic – Ron Paul. This man wants anyone who is not white to be wiped out. Here are some of the awful actions this man wants to take: End the War on Drugs End the Federal Income Tax End America’s wars […]

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Will Enough Iowans Get It?

I take the Caucuses a test of the critical thinking skills of Iowans. With America’s future on the line, do you ever remember such a clear distinction between the best and the rest in a Presidential election? We have Ron Paul – a man who respects civil liberties, gun rights, property rights, your wealth (which […]

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