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#748 – $13 Vs Your Federal Tax Bill – Reparations – The $30M Mouse – Destroying The 2nd Amendment – Still On The Wrong Track – Obama Disapproval

Feeling stimulated yet? While you are looking at the tiny $13 amount in your paycheck from the stimulus, cast your eyes over to the much much larger number coming out of your paycheck in TAX. Which number would you rather have back. Pelosi gets $30 Million for a mouse in her district, but humans get […]

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#745 – Obama Sets Up Perpetual Democratic Rule: Patronage Of 4 Million Operatives, Social Welfare And Amnesty For 12 Million With Perks

Its all so clear now: use taxpayers money to install 4 million Democratic operatives in the guise of government employees, revise social welfare programs, such as health care, in order to get people totally dependent on the state, then give amnesty with benefits to 12 million illegals in the country. What better way to increase […]

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