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Why Roy Moore lost

In the wake of Democrat Doug Jones’ shocking win over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s special Senate election Tuesday, the local and national media and much of the political punditry are claiming we have witnessed a change election. The numbers tell a different story.

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Bannon’s war on the corrupt Senate made necessary by the 17th Amendment

Steve Bannon’s declared war on GOP Senate incumbents wouldn’t be necessary if not for the passage of the 17th Amendment. In fact, much of the oppressive statist legislation passed in the last 100 years was made possible because of the 17th Amendment, which put politicians in the employ of the big corporations and lobbyists from which they got their campaign funds and under-the-table largess.

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Internet Taxes Will Encourage Underground Commerce

The senators who just voted in favor of the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (S.336) will continue to wax eloquent about its benefits. Colorado’s Mark Udall whines about how “[i]t does not seem fair for a business that establishes a presence in Colorado to be at a disadvantage to a company that sells goods […]

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The Senate Votes, That Should Not Have Happened, Fail

The Senate had a couple of votes today concerning our rights.  As I have written here recently, our rights should not be subject to a vote and if 16 Republicans had done the right thing to begin with, these votes would not have happened to begin with. First, the Senate voted on the Manchin Amdt. No. […]

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