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Look! Up In the Sky, It’s A Bird, A Plane…It’s Death

Unless you have been hibernating you know that gun control legislation has been a hot topic these past few months. As it should be. The lawless federal government it seems, has no limits in shredding the Constitution. Unfortunately, although gun control is important, there is an equally important issue that is just as pressing for […]

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Will Your State Recover?

Did you know that as an individual taxpayer, you owe the federal government over $138,000? Consult the U.S. Debt Clock and you’ll see that every day that number increases. Some citizens are comfortable with this. Others citizens are very uncomfortable with it. Where do you stand? Since 2009, the Democratic party has made it clear […]

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Do Democrats Destroy Cities?

Here’s a little nugget you can chew for a bit. The following list is the top ten cities (over 250,000 population) with the highest poverty rate. The year and the percentage of the population at or under the government defined poverty level is included. City Name 2009 2010 Detroit, MI 36.4% 32.5% Buffalo, NY 28.8% […]

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Americans on ObamaCare 51% Strongly Disaprove

Americans are waking up. Yes so it’s a little slower than we expected, but according the latest polling done by the Kaiser Family Foundation it’s happening. The article released by Reuters states that the October Kaiser Poll showed that 51% of likely voters strongly oppose ObamaCare. The view of the law has been roughly evenly […]

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Oprah’s KFC Chicken

The Oprah KFC story makes me think that people like her and Obama are not the disease, but simply a symptom of the disease. The disease is our culture change away from self-reliance and personal responsibility and towards letting someone else (aka the nanny state) take care of things for me. Can’t we think for […]

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Government Is Theft

Obama now seeks to seize all types of companies – not yet banks. Why not nationalize everything? As one of my viewers suggested, the question is not why but when. Next, Obama will most likely use this populist anger to tax ALL executive bonuses for ALL companies, whether or not they take money from the […]

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