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Big Brother’s Multi-Billion Dollar Disgrace

How much is “going green” costing the red, white and blue taxpayers? There’s probably not a soul on Earth that can answer that question with any fair degree of accuracy. We all know the Solyndra debacle will cost the taxpayers a bundle. Estimates range between $300- $500 million, depending on who you ask. Consider this, […]

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Obama Is Not A Pragmatist

Is Obama really were a pragmatist then he would allow the free market to turn the economy around. He is simply using this crisis in order to implement his own “failed solutions of the past” aka socialism. When has he EVER extolled the virtues of the free market? When has he ever done anything to […]

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Oprah’s KFC Chicken

The Oprah KFC story makes me think that people like her and Obama are not the disease, but simply a symptom of the disease. The disease is our culture change away from self-reliance and personal responsibility and towards letting someone else (aka the nanny state) take care of things for me. Can’t we think for […]

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Obama Does Not Believe In America

As you watch Obama pander and give concessions to the other elites at the G20 summit, wonder if he really believes in America, the principals that formed America, the belief that America is a the best place on Earth, and the belief that Americans, not the American government, can do anything it sets its mind […]

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Government Is Theft

Obama now seeks to seize all types of companies – not yet banks. Why not nationalize everything? As one of my viewers suggested, the question is not why but when. Next, Obama will most likely use this populist anger to tax ALL executive bonuses for ALL companies, whether or not they take money from the […]

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Obama Brings Back Slavery?

Don’t you find it ironic that an African-American brings back slavery? Actually, its not Obama himself, since we all know he is simply a simple puppet. In this case, its Rahm Emmanuel, ye of civilian security force, bringing in a bill to force volunteerism on Americans. Slavery? Some say no. What else do you call […]

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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!

Really, I mean is this guy for real? It’s like watching the Wizard of Oz.  I AM THE ALL POWERFUL WIZARD OF O. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! When did we become the Rodney King of the world? Everyone is taking a kick at us. Putin, Obama, Hu etc. We all […]

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