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The Truth about Tesla Motors

During a January 19th panel discussion at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Tesla Motors general counsel Todd Maron said: “We make money from one thing: car sales and car sales alone.” In reality, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla Motors loses more than $4,000 on every car it sells on a “full-cost” basis (keep in…
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Government Sovereignty Destroys Consumer Sovereignty

One aspect of capitalism is that it’s about the sovereignty of the consumer. With that understanding, we can plainly see that any businesses that advance themselves through (1) subsidy handouts and/or (2) land-grabbing, eminent domain deals are reliant on nothing more and nothing less than the government. They aren’t reliant on a free-market. These are tricks of […]

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Government Intervention in U.S. Agriculture: Part 8

One of the more significant consequences of government-mandated food underproduction wouldn’t be market prices or income, but the sudden necessity for rationing by WWII. As historian John M. Dobson observes, the war had “rendered many of the restrictions on agricultural production irrelevant… shortages and rationing became the order of the day rather than production limitations.” There’s […]

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Government Role in Honeybee Population Decline

In recent weeks, a number of reporters have started ramping up coverage of the drastic decline in America’s honeybee population. Many stories have rightly pointed to Monsanto and Bayer, arguing that the pesticides they created in the 1990s (called neonicotinoids) are the prime cause of hundreds-of-thousands of bees becoming not just disoriented, but unable to […]

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Understanding GMOs in Light of Subsidies

Just think of how mixed up the agricultural industry is. If companies decide to do less with their food (growing it organically), they have to pay an extra expense in order to obtain certification to show that they’re truly doing this. If they want to do more (genetically modifying crops, etc.), then absolutely nothing is […]

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Student Loan Racketeering: Congress Critter Introduces a Bill to Make Student Loan Payments a Payroll Tax Deduction

Bloomberg had a very interesting article about a congressional bill that was introduced that would force employers to withhold 15% of an employees’ paycheck to pay for student loan debt. Student-Loan Collection Targeted for Overhaul in Congress Congress will consider overhauling debt collection in the $100 billion-a-year U.S. student loan program, replacing it with automatic […]

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