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It’s Tax Day and you are getting scammed once again

The great entrapment system deceptively named the “Internal Revenue Service” has successfully deceived and intimidated millions of Americans. The income tax, the income tax code, and all supporting rulings are a fiction. The money creators created a fiction as money, and then they created another fiction to cover the fraud.

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It’s tax season and you know that means… or do you?

For 100 years the lie has promulgated that income taxes fund the government. Americans are taught from an early age to be a good taxpayer and to pay their “fair share.” This lie has gone so far that now the majority of the people buy into the notion that the government gets first dibs on our money and can withhold the amount that is our fair share.

The post It’s tax season and you know that means… or do you? appeared first on Personal Liberty®.

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Portrait of a Young American Entrepreneur

The photo featured with this post is of a real-life American entrepreneur. She’s only 23-years-old, but she supports herself through tutoring, and has just launched her own professional photography and digital art business. She’s also considering freelancing as a consultant to help restaurant owners and managers fulfill state health code requirements. She leases a nice apartment […]

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Good Laws? Promises? Or Chains?

Laws are basically nothing but a system of rules, some of which are inherently welcome. Imagine life without traffic regulations. What fun we’d have at the intersections if obeying red lights was just a suggestion. Let’s unpack that law. On the one hand, you’re chained to the rule that you must stop and wait when […]

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Internet Taxes Will Encourage Underground Commerce

The senators who just voted in favor of the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (S.336) will continue to wax eloquent about its benefits. Colorado’s Mark Udall whines about how “[i]t does not seem fair for a business that establishes a presence in Colorado to be at a disadvantage to a company that sells goods […]

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Government is Not the Answer

Doesn’t it just seem like government is getting involved in too much these days? They have their hand in just about everything. All I hear and read about is how Congress is debating this new law and that new law. How about no NEW laws, but let’s just enforce the ones we have, shall we? […]

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Message from the Dead

What if Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers came back from the dead? What would they say to this generation? Would they approve of the Healthcare Mandate that’s not a tax, but was approved by the Supreme Court because it is – duh – a tax? What would they say about the gun control […]

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Look! Up In the Sky, It’s A Bird, A Plane…It’s Death

Unless you have been hibernating you know that gun control legislation has been a hot topic these past few months. As it should be. The lawless federal government it seems, has no limits in shredding the Constitution. Unfortunately, although gun control is important, there is an equally important issue that is just as pressing for […]

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Will Your State Recover?

Did you know that as an individual taxpayer, you owe the federal government over $138,000? Consult the U.S. Debt Clock and you’ll see that every day that number increases. Some citizens are comfortable with this. Others citizens are very uncomfortable with it. Where do you stand? Since 2009, the Democratic party has made it clear […]

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California’s $16 Billion Nightmare

California’s top dog, Jerry Brown, announced late last week that his state faces a $16 billion deficit. That’s up from a $9 billion deficit announcement a few months ago. Oops. Apparently one of California’s bean-counters was educated in our public schools. What’s at the heart of the deficiency? Unfunded obligations — that’s PC for government […]

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