YARR! Pirates – Tea Party Slogans – Hide Obama Protest

April 10, 2009   |   Tags: , , , , , , ,

An American citizen is held hostage by pirates and Obama says nothing. Wow, what a difference! I guess a single American life is not that important anymore.  Falls in with my whole theory that he doesn’t really value anything American any more – except for himself.  A bunch of conservative twitter buddies came up with a new protest, the Hide Obama Protest – or HOP. The goal of HOP is to hide all of these smug, smiling images of Obama you see everywhere you go – preferably with something ironic, you know, like Atlas Shrugged, Liberty and Tyranny or Reason Magazine. And lastly, you hitting your local tea party protest on the 15th right? Got any great ideas for slogans? We are making our signs this weekend, got any good ideas?

  • Socialism Is NOT An Option
  • Free Markets Not Free Loaders
  • Think Freedom Not Slavery


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