Rocky Flats Gear protect your heath, privacy and dignity.

November 23, 2010   |  

I found it! Here is the company that sells gear which can cover your nether regions against the invasive TSA scans. Just contacted these guys to see if the material can be used to write messages to the TSA. Also going to see if I can get a representative of the company on the show. Cool stuff!


Rocky Flats Gear ™ is the US manufacture of a revolutionary flexible, attractive, lightweight, Lead (Pb) free, radiation shielding garments for individuals. Our emphasis is on protecting the traveling public, airline, medical, and security professionals from radiation generated by security and medical imaging equipment. Our novel products can protect tissues from a broadband of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation generated by imaging equipment and natural sources. For the first time, radiological shields are attractive, durable, affordable, fun, and comfortable to wear.

via Rocky Flats Gear protect your heath, privacy and dignity..

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