Government Effects Economy? Duh.

November 29, 2010   |  

When we handed the purveyors of the “failed socialist policies of the past” a resounding NO vote on Election Day, Real America got it. Real America understood that the government is the cause of most of the problems that we have in this country.

Take any problem, and you can most likely trace it back to something the government is doing. Problem is: they don’t see that.

Literally. When Obama came out with his famous “it felt bad” speech, he blamed the economy for the reason why people turfed out Democrats in droves. They are in total denial that it was their policies which drove them out.

For some reason, these people labor under some illusion that no matter what they do, their actions have no effect on the economy. Oh lets just slap a tax on people who make more than $250,000 a year. They don’t pay enough taxes anyway. Nothing bad will happen, and we will make a lot more money in tax revenues, which we need in order to pay for all of our new spending. Or lets lets remove the mortgage tax exemption, something which is keeping a lot of people in their homes.

For some reason, they feel that, or at least communicate that, none of their actions have any effect on the economy.

Didn’t Obama say before the election that the reason why the economy wasn’t doing so well was because “business wasn’t stepping up”?. Did he have no conception that the reason why business was not stepping up was due to government action? When government acts like an abusive, uncontrollable, unpredictable, drunken spouse, how is business supposed to act? You sit down, put your head down, be quiet, and hope the storm passes.

With our NO, the storm is starting to blow over. Now all we need to do is to get Barry (remember our bumbling, fumbling government employee who meant well but really didn’t work out?) out of the building in the next few months and try to minimize the damage he’ll do between now and when we can finally show him the door.

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