How To Create Jobs

December 1, 2010   |  

Why do all liberals make it sound like job creation is hard? If you ask me, it’s super simple:

  1. A person creates a thing you want
  2. They set up a company to sell these things
  3. You buy these things
  4. The company that makes these things you just bought makes money
  5. If they make enough money, they grow larger and need to hire more people
  6. Ergo: jobs are created when people create things and others buy them!

Now, a thing could be a product or a service, or even content, like music, a book or even a blog post like this one. A thing could even be attention, like driving people to look at your blog or website.

That is how real lasting jobs are created.

When the government creates jobs, it doesn’t create anything which can be sold. That is where it fails. Government has no ability to create jobs. All is has is the ability to spend our money for nothing. That is pretty much the only thing that it is good at, fiscally.

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