Prediction: 2012 Will Be Obama Vs Palin

December 2, 2010   |  
Obama V Palin

December 2nd, 2010:

I predict that the presidential matchup in 2012 will be Barack Hussein Obama V Sarah Louise Palin.

Now I have been wrong in the past: I actually predicted that Hillary Diane Clinton would be the next president of the United States and boy was I ever wrong. Then again, no one could have predicted the incredible “installation” of this no name character known as Obama into the Oval Office. (I guess I should probably cancel the segment on my show which is called “I Am Always Right”, even though I almost always am )

Anyway, the reporters are already trying to feel out the GOP field for candidates and who else really is up there with the same kind of passionate followers like our esteemed savior? I mean, Mitt Romney? Really? The founder of something as heinous as RomneyCare in MA? Seriously, the decision will be much less his faith than his wrecking of the health care system in that state. A vote for Romney would go over as well as a vote for McCain did back in ‘08 – basically too little, too late.

I can’t think of anyone else really: not Huckabee, Jindal maybe. Chris Christie, possibly. I just don’t see anyone else with enough traction. But no one else has Palin’s passionate followers. So in the end, my second prediction is that if they don’t choose Palin, they will probably lose to Obama again, and then we will have four more years of this nonsense.

The only person that you can say is a true outsider, and who has purposely positioned themselves as a true outsider, is Sarah Palin.

Make no mistake, Palin is just as shrewd a politician as Obama and Bush before him. Her image is being carefully crafted right now as one of the “people”, someone who is a real American, not a politician, and can come in and clean house. This is one of the reasons you are seeing her reality show now, her daughter being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. This is cementing her presence as the ultimate non-politician, the hockey-mom American, just like you and me. Her latching onto the Tea Party movement is a brilliant stroke as well, as is her laser focus on economy, and in a few cases security. Note how she stays away from social issues with a 10 foot pole?

Of course, her lavish digs in Alaska kind of belie that image, but we are willing to look past that, since we so desperately need an outsider to come in and clean up Washington.

That was Obama’s original promise, but of course that was all a lie, since he never worked in business, he really ended up being the ultimate insider.

Just look at the contrasts that are being set up: the aloof, closed, erudite Obama, and the friendly, open, aw shucks Palin.

It’s a total matchup, could you have two more different candidates? I tell you, 2012 will be so much fun.

And if that’s the choice I have to make, then I would have to say “you betcha” to Palin. We can’t have 4 more years of Obama trying to drive us into his vision of a socialist paradise. And if she truly believes in the same ideals as the Tea Party, and helps to being about the change we need, hewing closely to The Freedom Agenda, then it won’t be a bad decision for any of us to vote for Sarah Palin.

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