Obama: One Angry Dude: Part 1

December 8, 2010   |  

Watching Obama grit his teeth through that speech yesterday was pretty interesting. He just kept heaping blame, anger and vitriol on the Republicans. Over and over he accused the Republicans of wanted only tax cuts for the rich, of taking the American people hostage, and I’m sure many other crimes against humanity.

Boy, does he ever hate compromise, hates not being “right” all the time.

Funny thing though: even though all of the rage and hatred he barely kept inside during that speech was directed at the GOP, in reality the GOP was just the messenger. It is we, the American People – who brought our message of lower taxes to him via the Republicans.

So in reality, his anger and hatred is directed against the American people, not the GOP.

In Part 2, I’ll talk about how wrong it is to compare him against previous Presidents.

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