While The Democrats Rage & Hate, Republicans Just Rage

December 10, 2010   |  

With first Obama getting a little ticked off by both the Republicans (for making him to something he didn’t want to) and the Democrats (by not doing what he wanted) and exposing a little bit of that underlying rage and hate, and some Democrats expressing their rage by saying “F**k the President”, I think has led me to a conclusion.

One big difference between the socialist Democrats and pretty much everyone else, is that they are pessimistic, hateful and angry. They believe that people are not basically good: they feel that people are basically evil, and will always need to be controlled.

On the other hand, everyone else may rage at the state, at high taxes and mis-management, but at least we are optimistic while angry. We don’t hold out hate for these people. We just want to make things better. So we use the rage to fuel us, to give us the energy to make things better, to construct instead of destruct.

And that is a big difference.

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