All Obama Knows Is Redistribution Of Wealth

December 14, 2010   |  

I think I figured out why Obama seems so completely out to lunch on many issues: he only has one “solution” to ANY problem. Like the proverbial guy walking around with a hammer, when all around him are screws, the only “solution” he can bring to the table is “redistribution of wealth”.

Maybe this is why he doesn’t really know how to deal with national security, the various wars that we are involved in around the world, and the military. If you can’t apply the Obama Solution, which is “redistribution of wealth” then he can’t “solve” the problem.

You know I’m using quotes because we all know that redistribution of wealth is never a solution.

The examples are legion:

  1. the stimulus bill: redistribution of wealth.
  2. ObamaCare, same thing. It was never about health care
  3. Immigration: same thing – what’s the first act on the table for immigration: redistributing our wealth into illegal immigrants children’s pockets.

Every “solution” Obama brings to the table is always based on redistribution of wealth. Its  central tenet of his being, methinks. Maybe he can’t think outside that box. This is why he is failing, this is why he will be a one term president.

Unless he can come up with any other “solutions”, which I don’t believe he can, then he will continue to be a thorn on our side for the next two years.

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