ObamaCare Is Not About Healthcare

December 14, 2010   |  

With the recent ruling that ObamaCare is unconstitutional, and Obama and the rest of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Axis Of Evil vowing to fight the ruling, we should all now realize this: Obama really doesn’t have any “solutions”.

All he knows is redistribution of wealth. ObamaCare, at its core, has nothing to do with improving care. In fact, it has, and socialized medicine in general, has never improved care, and in most cases has worsened it, wherever it has been tried. It’s all about taking from the successful, who have worked hard to provide for their families, and giving it to the less successful, one you leech off of the rest of us.

If you can’t pay for your health care, then the government will, by redistributing our wealth to you. That is the only “solution” in the Obama playbook, he doesn’t know any other. This is just one flavor, the medical flavor.

Of course ObamaCare is unconstitutional, in any form. Nowhere in the constitution does it talk about the state providing health care, welfare, education or anything for that matter. If the President were worth his salt, he would have recognized it as such and never gone anywhere with it. However, we don’t have a constitution follower in the office. I wonder if when he swore the oath on the constitution, if he had his fingers crossed behind his back?

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