A Real Christmas Gift From The State: Go On A Diet

December 17, 2010   |  

As we thank the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Axis Of Evil and Congress for not getting shivved for Christmas this year, I’d like to propose a much better gift. How about less of you?

You know those annoying people in your life? How it’s a relief when you spend less time with them as opposed to more? How for some people and personalities: less is more?

Well, a REAL and AWESOME gift from the state would be less of the state. In the form of cutting spending, cutting taxes, cutting regulation. Slim that sucker right back down to pocket size. Or if not that small, at least enough to fit into its prom dress.

How do we put the state on a diet? Pretty simple: focus focus focus. Get rid of anything on the table which does not include cuts. Forget about anything that does not effect the bottom line, like immigration, START, naming post offices etc. Just laser-like focus on the economy. Cut early, cut often, and once you’d done that, cut some more.

The state really needs to go on a starvation diet. Unlike a person, starving the state is not unhealthy, it’s the healthiest thing you can do for a country. We were heading for a massive heart attack, which would have happened if we ever took a bite of that bacon nightmare.

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