Obama Takes Over The Internet

December 22, 2010   |  

So the states mantra, as it has always been, is – if its not broke, create new rules and regulations to break it, then create even more rules and regulations to fix what they just broke.

The FCC will introduce sweeping new regulations, where no sweeping new regulations are required. The internet was doing just fine, except for one small thing: there was a whole heck of a lot of dissent disagreeing with King Obama and his cadre of marauding socialist spenders. So what do we do: regulate it.

The state is like a weed or a virus: it grows and grows and feeds and feeds until there is nothing left. It’s not a symbiotic relationship, as many liberals and progressives like to say that it is (they bandy about the term “public-private partnership” – how can there be a partnership if one of the partners has the force of the law behind them?) it’s like a virus that is so insatiable that it eventually kills its host.

The internet was one of the few places that we have successfully been able to keep the state out of, that one of the reasons it has been growing so quickly, internet based businesses have been one of the few bright spots – and places like Silicon Valley have not seen as harsh a recession as the rest of the country.

But it looks like “state intervention” will soon be joining “death and taxes” as something that we consider inevitable.

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