SOTU Response Part 1: Reduce, Not Replace

January 25, 2011   |   Tags:

Just finished reading the text of the SOTU. I could only stand to listen to a few minutes of it, plus I had much better things to do. I noticed a lot of talk about “reform”, but no talk about “reduce” at all.

There is no way we can continue the way we are going without severe reductions in the amount of spending of our money by this administration. It’s a non-starter. So any talk of reform, literally means nothing.

He talked about smaller government being effective. About restoring trust in the institutions of government. I think that the founders specifically did not trust in the institutions of government: a distrust for authority runs deep in the heart of most Americans. Unlike Obama and his ilk, there is no trust in government TO restore, we never had it and maybe we never should have. And why should government be “effective”? If you ask me, it is we the people who need to be effective. An effective government sounds like an activist government, and we definitely don’t need more of that.

He talked about “new laws will only be passed with support from Democrats and Republicans”: I say, why do we need any new laws at all? See the mindset here? New laws, new laws, new laws. He can’t even conceive of an America of less laws.

This is Part 1 of my 6 Part Response to Obama’s State of the Union Address. Read the other parts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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